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Orly Connect

(team secretary in bold, starting scores in parentheses)

Current squad stats

Show all (starting score)P (8)WDLPtsAvg2s2sA1s1sA10+MaxMin
Richard Aubrey (2)51045711.40234.60112.204147
Adrian Bradley (4)30033311.00134.3372.3331210
Charlotte Faulkner (9)000000.0000.0000.00000
Lauren Gilbert (4)3210217.0072.3372.331105
Ronny Jackson (1)53118817.60275.40346.8052314
Nic Mortimer (1)32013812.67175.6741.3331411
Tony Munro (6)21012110.5094.5031.5021110
Andrew Simmons (4)51135410.80234.6081.603138
Jack Yeo (4)52125210.40224.4081.603174

(figures in brackets = sum of individual starting scores)

Forthcoming fixtures

bold = went first - * = full house
Show allCompVenueTimeHome teamScoreResAway team
18 Jun 24SLTrinity20:00None Right in Paris (17)60 - 56LOrly Connect (14)
20:30Orly Connect (19)57 - 78LParis Jackson (23)
02 Jul 24SLSheephaven Bay20:00Orly Connect (8)57 - 65LThatSunKingFeeling (19)
21:00Rue McClanahan (12)52 - 63WOrly Connect (10)
09 Jul 24SLNew Inn20:30Chateauneuf-du-Pont (15)52 - 55WOrly Connect (13)
21:00Orly Connect (13)66 - 66DLe Poing Neuf (26)
16 Jul 24SLCart and Horses20:00Unbalanced Pairis (23)69 - 53LOrly Connect (16)
20:30Orly Connect (10)62 - 48WQuasimodos (7)
23 Jul 24SLExpress Tavern (TW8)20:30Lustig's LosersTime: 20:30 Orly Connect
21:00Orly ConnectTime: 21:00 Gare d'Austerquiz
30 Jul 24SLWhite Swan (E1)20:00Orly ConnectTime: 20:00 Left Bank Legends
21:00Bastilling the WinTime: 21:00 Orly Connect
06 Aug 24SLLondon Welsh Centre (WC1X)20:00Orly ConnectTime: 20:00 Full Haussmann
21:00Madame de StompadourTime: 21:00 Orly Connect
13 Aug 24SLDuke of Sussex (SE1)20:30Live Laugh LouvreTime: 20:30 Orly Connect
21:00Orly ConnectTime: 21:00 In Seine Guesses
20 Aug 24SLLondon Welsh Centre (WC1X)20:00Spair PairsTime: 20:00 Orly Connect
20:30Orly ConnectTime: 20:30 SorBonne Réponse
27 Aug 24SLExpress Tavern (TW8)20:30Eiffel For QuizTime: 20:30 Orly Connect
21:00Orly ConnectTime: 21:00 Kylian Mmmboppé

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1Unbalanced Pairis870155748077432
2Eiffel Dour870152746958331
3Kylian Mmmboppé860253447064529
4Eiffel For Quiz860254048258428
6None Right in Paris860252149724428
7Lustig's Losers860252548936327
8Paris Jackson850354450836525
9Live Laugh Louvre850350548817323
10Gare d'Austerquiz8503504506-2323
11Le Poing Neuf8413490504-14422
12Hot 4 Lutetia840450649313622
14In Seine Guesses84044894890420
15Left Bank Legends8404478486-8319
16Full Haussmann8305489506-17618
17Rue McClanahan830549247814517
18Spair Pairs8314490506-16115
19SorBonne Réponse8305486523-37315
20Louvre Factually8206490516-26715
21Orly Connect8314469490-21014
22Les Inrocks83055085035214
23Bastilling the Win8206461506-45412
25Madame de Stompadour8206501537-36210

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