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Venues: Summer Friendly League venues


(team secretary in bold, starting handicaps in parentheses)

Current squad

(figures in brackets = sum of individual handicaps)

Forthcoming fixtures

DateCompVenueTimeHome teamScoreResAway team
28 Jun 22SSTrinity (SE1)20:00QuizTeam&TheQueens  HouseOfPlantagen8
20:30HouseOfPlantagen8  Abolitionists
05 Jul 22SSSheephaven Bay (NW1)20:30TJF  HouseOfPlantagen8
21:00HouseOfPlantagen8  Regina George
12 Jul 22SSTrinity (SE1)20:00HouseOfPlantagen8  Full House of York
20:30Princess Michael  HouseOfPlantagen8
19 Jul 22SSDuke of Sussex (SE1)
Petford Room
20:00HouseOfPlantagen8  Civil Fist
21:00Wins? Or, Not!  HouseOfPlantagen8
26 Jul 22SSWhite Swan (E1)20:00HouseOfPlantagen8  QuizTeam&TheQueens
21:00Abolitionists  HouseOfPlantagen8
02 Aug 22SSDuke of Sussex (SE1)
Petford Room
20:00Regina George  HouseOfPlantagen8
20:30HouseOfPlantagen8  TJF
09 Aug 22SSDuke of Sussex (SE1)
Petford Room
20:00Full House of York  HouseOfPlantagen8
20:30HouseOfPlantagen8  Princess Michael
16 Aug 22SSDuke of Sussex (SE1)
Petford Room
20:30Civil Fist  HouseOfPlantagen8
21:00HouseOfPlantagen8  Wins? Or, Not!

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