Fixture list for Bet She Loves Brexit - Season 2021-22

DateDiv / compVenueTimeOpponentsScoreResultMy scoreMy 2s
Tue 28 Jun 2022Summer Friendly GherkinSheephaven Bay20:00Kneel Before Zog59 - 68W  
20:30Canutellmethis?75* - 69*W*  
Tue 05 Jul 2022Summer Friendly GherkinTrinity20:30Bhumi-BoL267 - 68*W*  
21:00Malcolm Ken More69* - 60W*  
Tue 12 Jul 2022Summer Friendly GherkinSheephaven Bay20:00Queens Fuller Gambit66 - 65*W  
21:00The Prince Alberts65 - 66W  
Tue 26 Jul 2022Summer Friendly GherkinWhite Swan20:30Off(aly) the Laois69* - 60*L*  
21:00Queen Lathreefists67* - 65*W*  
Tue 02 Aug 2022Summer Friendly GherkinCarpenters Arms20:30Canutellmethis?66 - 55L  
21:00Kneel Before Zog63* - 78*L*  
Tue 09 Aug 2022Summer Friendly GherkinWhite Swan20:00Bhumi-BoL259* - 70L*  
21:00Malcolm Ken More61* - 67W  
Tue 16 Aug 2022Summer Friendly GherkinCarpenters Arms20:00Queens Fuller Gambit59 - 56C  
20:30The Prince Alberts64 - 64D  
Tue 23 Aug 2022Summer Friendly GherkinDuke of Sussex20:00Queen Lathreefists    
20:30Off(aly) the Laois