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Registration is now open for the 2022-23 Winter League and President's Cup and will close on 30 August, when compilation of the fixtures will begin.
Registrations received so far: Winter League 31 / 40, President's Cup 4 / 6.

If you are intending to play in the forthcoming season but have not yet registered, please do so here ASAP, including as much detail as possible.

Registration is now closed and the fixtures are being compiled.

Nine points from ten propel Off(aly) the Laois to the top of Gherkin, five points clear of Queens Fuller Gambit. No change in the top three in Shard, though Wins? Or Not! see their lead reduced also to five points as HouseOfPlantagen8 close the gap.
Final matches of the league stage next week, then the knockout stage.
Results, score sheets, tables, quizzes plus round-ups: Gherkin - Shard.

Annual General Meeting Annual General Meeting
QLL's 2022 Annual General Meeting took place on Thu 21 July via Zoom. The new committee is available here. Subscriptions for next season's winter league (unchanged from last season) and President's Cup (unchanged from last season) are now due.
Please use the registration form here ASAP - registration deadline 30 August.
Full minutes will follow in due course.

The 10th QLL Buzzer Quiz tournament was, finally, held on Sat 28 May, again at The Urswick School in Hackney. Huge congratulations to Hornets' Rest on winning the Cup, and to Gray Monks, Sons Arising and CotK. on winning the Plate, Bowl and Spoon respectively. The final stats are now available here, including a detailed question-by-question analysis, round-up and photo of the Cup winners.

The 2021-22 Finals Night took place at The Tokenhouse on Tuesday 26 April.
Mealy Bugs won the All London Plate, Danny Mcmillan won Brain of London 2,
In the Lion of Fire won the All London Cup and Ian Bayley won Brain of London.

A full round-up with results, score sheets, quizzes and pictures is available here.


New teams / individuals are always welcome to join the Quiz League of London. No experience necessary! Although the 2021-22 season is now over, the 2021 Summer Friendly League is in full swing and is a great way to learn our brand of team quizzing in a (slightly!) less competitive environment than the regular league, which resumes in late September. If you're interested in joining in, please go here.

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