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Quiz League of London

We will be holding our second online buzzer quiz on Saturday 13th January.
All matches will take place on Zoom, with online buzzing and scoring.
Full details, including teams and morning fixtures, here.
If you are due to be there in whatever capacity but are now no longer available, please contact David Stainer ASAP.

FFP?'s 5 points take them to 1st in D1, just ahead of Monks, now down to 2nd. Misfits & Amoebas swap places yet again at the top of D2. Pilgrims' win over JAN moves them to 1st in D3, pushing JAN down to 2nd. Optimists stay top of D3A with Outcasts back up to 2nd while Sigourney Beaver stay 4 points clear of Doolittles in D4B.
Results, tables, quizzes plus round-ups: D1 - D2 - D3 - D4A - D4B.

An emphatic victory over London keeps Westminster on top of the table while Islington's draw against Sussex keeps them in second, though Sussex' team full house bonus is sufficient for them to jump one place to third. Piccadilly and Cambridge swap fifth and sixth places. And that's it for 2023 - we'll be back in January.
Results, score sheets, table, quizzes plus round-up here.

The qualifing matches for the 2024 BoL are now complete - full results, score sheets, quizzes and stats here. The BoL1 and BoL2 heats will take place on 9 and 16 April at APCC, with the finals at Finals night on 30 April, at the Tokenhouse. The players and reserves for both competitions are available here. If you have qualified or are a reserve but are now no longer available, please contact David Stainer ASAP.


New people are always very welcome to join the Quiz League of London. No experience is necessary! If you’re interested in joining as an individual, it doesn't matter what time of year it is – we’ll always try and find a team for you to join. Just complete the form here and we’ll get back to you.
For more information about the QLL go here.

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1Fit For Purpose?1080250347726840
2Gray Monks1080251549124739
4Broken Hearts10604516479371135
6Hornets' Rest104155004946927
8Ceefax the Hoop10307478495-17820
9Bangkok Bad Boys10208456502-46917
10Banana Splits10109442512-7026
3Fray Bentos1071247243438333
8Mealy Bugs10406428451-23117
9Gnus on a Raft10217425450-25616
10Jacob's Crackers10208439477-38614
3In the Lion of Fire95043843768525
6Sublime Objects94053843813420
7Park Exiles9405384389-5319
3Periodically Tabled1060443238349428
4Quizzard's Sleeve1061340637432026
5Chocolate Fireguards1041540739017422
6Common People10406349390-41117
8Bottoms Rock10109327398-7115
1Sigourney Beaver1090144537570137
3Dense & Densibility1061342438143127
4Grinling Gibbons1060442540025226
5Bishop's Fist10316376398-22620
6Hard Hat1032539437717218
7Arrows Impossibility10208343412-69210

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