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QLL friendlies are set by our players and teams and are played after the league and President's Cup matches. Those played on Tuesdays are intended to be a little easier than the league sets and are an excellent way of introducing new players to our brand of team quizzing. Those played on Sundays aren't!

A Word template, which includes guidance to enable you to distribute questions manually between seats and according to difficulty, is available here.

A Word add-in to create the quiz automatically from a completed template is available here - latest version 3.1 (August 2021).

Setting guidelines are available here. Please read them carefully before setting your friendly.

The tables below shows the friendly rotas for the forthcoming season and, more importantly, the deadline for submitting them for editing. Contact details for editors can be found here (requires login).

When compiled and ready for play, main friendlies should be emailed to Quiz365, indicating clearly which competition and week / round they are for. Friendlies must be submitted in a format which can be opened by Microsoft Word so that a password can be applied. Please do NOT submit friendlies in PDF format.

N.B. please do NOT submit unsorted quizzes to Quiz365 and expect them to do the sorting for you. If you are unable to create a sorted quiz yourself from the submission template, please contact Phil Ramsden.

Optional second friendlies are distributed internally.
If you are interested in writing one for the Winter League, please liaise with Ann Gavaghan.

playing date
2nd friendly (theme)
1TBCTBC14 Sep 202128 Sep 2021A Gavaghan (London)
2TBCTBC21 Sep 202105 Oct 2021J Hill (1996)
3TBCTBC28 Sep 202112 Oct 2021J Welsby (Memes)
4TBCTBC05 Oct 202119 Oct 2021K Marwaha (Comedy)
5TBCTBC12 Oct 202126 Oct 2021C Yates (Food and drink)
6TBCTBC19 Oct 202102 Nov 2021M McCarthy (Asia)
7TBCTBC26 Oct 202109 Nov 2021 
8TBCTBC02 Nov 202116 Nov 2021 
9TBCTBC09 Nov 202123 Nov 2021 
10TBCTBC16 Nov 202130 Nov 2021 
11TBCTBC21 Dec 202104 Jan 2022 
12TBCTBC28 Dec 202111 Jan 2022 
13TBCTBC04 Jan 202218 Jan 2022 
14TBCTBC11 Jan 202225 Jan 2022 
15TBCTBC18 Jan 202201 Feb 2022 
16TBCTBC25 Jan 202208 Feb 2022 
17TBCTBC01 Feb 202215 Feb 2022 
18TBCTBC08 Feb 202222 Feb 2022 

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