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The White Swan

TeamsBishop's Fist
Address21 Alie Street, Aldgate East, London E1 8DE
Telephone020 7702 0448
MapGoogle maps
TubeAldgate East (0.2m), Aldgate (0.3m), Tower Hill (0.4m), Shadwell (0.7m), Bank (0.9m)
RailFenchurch St (0.4m), Liverpool Str (0.7m), Cannon St (0.9m)
DirectionsOpposite the junction of Alie Street and St Mark Street.

Forthcoming fixtures

DateTimeCompFHome teamScoreAway team
08 Oct20:00D3MXBishop's Fist27 - 50Royal Sunset
15 Oct20:00D3MXBishop's Fist28 - 45Milton's Stapler
29 Oct20:00D3MXBishop's Fist31 - 42Banana Splits
05 Nov20:00D3BXGrapefruit31 - 49Gnus on a Raft
19 Nov20:00D3MXBishop's Fist28 - 47JAN
26 Nov20:00D3MXBishop's Fist35 - 45Outcasts
14 Jan20:00D3BXGrapefruit41 - 49*Grinling Gibbons
21 Jan20:00D3MXBishop's Fist40 - 40Barb
28 Jan20:00D3MXBishop's Fist27 - 42Victoria Phoenix
18 Feb20:00D3IXBishop's Fist33 - 54*ChildrenOfTheKnight
25 Feb20:00D3IXGrapefruit35 - 37Milton's Stapler

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