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The Duke of Sussex

TeamsChildrenOfTheKnight, Greengage, Summer Friendly League
Address23 Baylis Road, London SE1 7AY
Telephone020 3637 6121
MapGoogle maps
TubeLambeth North (0.2m), Waterloo (0.3m), Southwark (0.3m)
RailWaterloo (0.2m), Waterloo East (0.3m), Elephant & Castle (0.7m)
Bus59, 76, 341
DirectionsOn the corner of Baylis Road and Coral Street.

Forthcoming fixtures

DateTimeComp Home teamScoreAway team
29 Jun20:00SG28.8k Magic Ed Balls
20:00Elongated Muskrats The 56k Question
20:30Algorithm of Life 28.8k Magic
20:30The 56k Question Cache for Questions
21:00Ed Balls Algorithm of Life
21:00Cache for Questions Elongated Muskrats
06 Jul20:00SGTim Burners-Account I Can Has Quizburger?
20:00The Subnet Masks Ask Me Anything
20:30I Can Has Quizburger? Ed Balls
20:30Ask Me Anything The 56k Question
21:00Ed Balls Tim Burners-Account
21:00The 56k Question The Subnet Masks
13 Jul20:00SGI Can Has Quizburger? SpeedButItsOnAModem
20:00Meme Meme I Know Cache for Questions
20:30SpeedButItsOnAModem Algorithm of Life
20:30Cache for Questions Ask Me Anything
21:00Algorithm of Life I Can Has Quizburger?
21:00Ask Me Anything Meme Meme I Know
20 Jul20:00SGI Can Has Quizburger? 56k Modemwingie
20:00Meme Meme I Know Bauds of a Tether
20:3056k Modemwingie 28.8k Magic
20:30Bauds of a Tether The 56k Question
21:0028.8k Magic I Can Has Quizburger?
21:00The 56k Question Meme Meme I Know
27 Jul20:00SG56k Modemwingie Tim Burners-Account
20:00The 56k Question Elongated Muskrats
20:30Tim Burners-Account SpeedButItsOnAModem
20:30Elongated Muskrats Cache for Questions
21:00SpeedButItsOnAModem 56k Modemwingie
21:00Cache for Questions The 56k Question
03 Aug20:00SG28.8k Magic IP Freely
20:00The Expedians Meme Meme I Know
20:30IP Freely SpeedButItsOnAModem
20:30Meme Meme I Know Elongated Muskrats
21:00SpeedButItsOnAModem 28.8k Magic
21:00Elongated Muskrats The Expedians
10 Aug20:00SGSuffranets 28.8k Magic
20:00Elongated Muskrats The Subnet Masks
20:3028.8k Magic Tim Burners-Account
20:30The Subnet Masks Bauds of a Tether
21:00Tim Burners-Account Suffranets
21:00Bauds of a Tether Elongated Muskrats
17 Aug20:00SG56k Modemwingie I Can Has Quizburger?
20:00Ask Me Anything Elongated Muskrats
20:30I Can Has Quizburger? 28.8k Magic
20:30Elongated Muskrats Your My WiFi Now
21:0028.8k Magic 56k Modemwingie
21:00Your My WiFi Now Ask Me Anything

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