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Tim Burners-Account

(team secretary in bold, starting handicaps in parentheses)

Current squad

(figures in brackets = sum of individual handicaps)

Forthcoming fixtures

DateCompVenueTimeHome teamScoreResAway team
29 JunSGCalthorpe Arms20:00SpeedButItsOnAModem  Tim Burners-Account
21:00Tim Burners-Account  56k Modemwingie
06 JulSGDuke of Sussex20:00Tim Burners-Account  ICH Quizburger?
21:00Ed Balls  Tim Burners-Account
13 JulSGCalthorpe Arms20:00Tim Burners-Account  28.8k Magic
21:00Suffranets  Tim Burners-Account
20 JulSGSheephaven Bay20:00Algorithm of Life  Tim Burners-Account
20:30Tim Burners-Account  IP Freely
27 JulSGDuke of Sussex20:0056k Modemwingie  Tim Burners-Account
20:30Tim Burners-Account  SpeedButItsOnAModem
03 AugSGWhite Hart20:30ICH Quizburger?  Tim Burners-Account
21:00Tim Burners-Account  Ed Balls
10 AugSGDuke of Sussex20:3028.8k Magic  Tim Burners-Account
21:00Tim Burners-Account  Suffranets
17 AugSGSheephaven Bay20:00IP Freely  Tim Burners-Account
20:30Tim Burners-Account  Algorithm of Life

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