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Twenty's Plenty

(team secretary in bold, starting handicaps in parentheses)

Current squad stats

Player (handicap)P (6)WDLPtsAvg2s2sA1s1sA10+MaxMinQM
Alexandra Denye (8)4103164.0082.0000.000620
Geoff Harris (8)2101189.0084.0021.0011080
Barry Humphrey (1)20022914.50115.5073.50215141
Mik Levin (5)33005819.33217.00165.33322161
Michael Levy (2)10011313.0044.0055.00113130
Stuart McLachlan (5)2200189.0084.0021.0011260
Nic Mortimer (2)30035117.00186.00155.00319150
Duncan Ranton (7)33004816.00196.33103.33318131
Michael Smith (4)21012713.50115.5052.50215120
Nick Thomas (3)2101126.0052.5021.000660

(figures in brackets = sum of individual handicaps)

Forthcoming fixtures

DateCompVenueTimeHome teamScoreResAway team
23 JunSSZoom BR 420:00Twenty's Plenty (25)76 - 73*WQLLysses (24)
21:00Quizleague of Cognac (17)63 - 55LTwenty's Plenty (14)
30 JunSSZoom BR 220:00Full Bauhaus (17)67* - 78*W*Twenty's Plenty (21)
21:00Twenty's Plenty (19)63 - 70LF Scott Fistsgerald (19)
07 JulSSZoom BR 620:30Bright Young Things (15)61* - 71WTwenty's Plenty (23)
21:00Twenty's Plenty (16)65 - 66CRichard vingt't Riet (21)
14 JulSSZoom BR 220:30Twenty's Plenty  Prohibitches
21:00Yeezy2020  Twenty's Plenty
21 JulSSZoom BR 420:00QLLysses  Twenty's Plenty
20:30Twenty's Plenty  Quizleague of Cognac
28 JulSSZoom BR 320:30F Scott Fistsgerald  Twenty's Plenty
21:00Twenty's Plenty  Full Bauhaus
04 AugSSZoom BR 420:00Twenty's Plenty  Bright Young Things
21:00Richard vingt't Riet  Twenty's Plenty
11 AugSSZoom BR 320:00Prohibitches  Twenty's Plenty
20:30Twenty's Plenty  Yeezy2020

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