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Richard vingt't Riet

(team secretary in bold, starting handicaps in parentheses)

Current squad stats

Player (handicap)P (6)WDLPtsAvg2s2sA1s1sA10+MaxMinQM
Dan Adler (2)21013115.50115.5094.50219120
Aaron Boardley (7)21012010.0073.5063.00210100
James Farrar (4)32014113.67155.00113.67315110
Simon Gee (8)22002814.0094.50105.00218100
Richard Pyne (4)21012613.00105.0063.00215110
Andrew Smithies (4)32013010.00113.6782.6711381
Christian Snuggs (8)3201258.3393.0072.3311060
Gavin Tillman (4)21013115.50147.0031.50216151
Jack Waley-Cohen (5)22002311.5094.5052.5011581
Dave Workman (5)32013812.67144.67103.3321590

(figures in brackets = sum of individual handicaps)

Forthcoming fixtures

DateCompVenueTimeHome teamScoreResAway team
23 JunSSZoom BR 620:00Richard vingt't Riet (21)73 - 64*WFull Bauhaus (14)
21:00Prohibitches (19)56 - 75WRichard vingt't Riet (24)
30 JunSSZoom BR 120:30Yeezy2020 (10)63* - 61CRichard vingt't Riet (19)
21:00Richard vingt't Riet (19)63 - 65CQuizleague of Cognac (18)
07 JulSSZoom BR 620:00Richard vingt't Riet (19)78* - 64W*Bright Young Things (18)
21:00Twenty's Plenty (16)65 - 66WRichard vingt't Riet (21)
14 JulSSZoom BR 320:00F Scott Fistsgerald  Richard vingt't Riet
20:30Richard vingt't Riet  QLLysses
21 JulSSZoom BR 520:30Full Bauhaus  Richard vingt't Riet
21:00Richard vingt't Riet  Prohibitches
28 JulSSZoom BR 220:00Quizleague of Cognac  Richard vingt't Riet
20:30Richard vingt't Riet  Yeezy2020
04 AugSSZoom BR 420:30Bright Young Things  Richard vingt't Riet
21:00Richard vingt't Riet  Twenty's Plenty
11 AugSSZoom BR 220:00QLLysses  Richard vingt't Riet
20:30Richard vingt't Riet  F Scott Fistsgerald

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