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New Players Night New Players Night / Pre-season Social
On Tue 18 September, we will be hosting a New Players Night / Pre-season Social at the Hemingford Arms in Islington. It's a great way to learn more about the QLL prior to our main league season. We'll be starting with a 7.30 orientation for new players, with an observation quiz and then a chance to try our brand of quiz. At 8.30 we'll open it up to the whole league for a table quiz and then quizzing into the night.

The full fixture lists for the 2018-19 league championship and President's Cup are now available. Home teams please ensure that all squad details are correct and that all venues are booked - if there are any issues with this, please contact Mark Cooper immediately. The friendly setting schedule is currently being compiled, and the remaining website updates for the new season will appear ASAP.

QLL's seventh annual Open Buzzer Quiz Tournament will take place on Saturday 15 September, once again at The Urswick School in Hackney, which hosted the event so successfully last year. Full details, including the AM pool fixtures, are available here. Registration opened on 14 May and, as expected, the 30 places were quickly filled. However, if your team missed out, you can still register as a reserve player here.

Croissanwich Albion are the 2018 winners of the Summer Friendly Cup, whose semi finals and final were held at The Bolton on Tuesday 28 August. Huge congratulations to Matthew Marcus and his excellent team.
All of the results, score sheets, quizzes and stats from the two semi finals and the final are available here. A full round-up is available here.

New teams / individuals are always welcome to join the Quiz League of London. No experience necessary!

The 2018-19 season begins shortly. If you're interested, please go here.

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4Ceefax the Hoop000000000
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