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Four wins out of four propel FFP? to the top of division 1, while Monks drop down to second. Same for Hornets who are now five points clear in division 2 and surely odds-on for promotion to the top flight. Fray Bentos stay top of Bamber while Victoria Phoenix jump to the top in Magnus.
Results, full score sheets, tables, quizzes plus round-ups: Div 1 - Div 2 - Div 3.

Nary a full house anywhere on another challenging President' Cup set courtesy of The Replacements. London' second win of the campaign puts them on top of division 1 with Sussex, the only other unbeaten side in the division in second. In division 2, Dead Parrots also notched their second win and remain top by a full four points.
Results, full score sheets, tables, quizzes plus round-ups: Div 1 - Div 2.

Week 3, and Monks were the only div 1 team not to change position, which means they stay in first place, with Cardies and FFP? nipping at their heels. Hornets' Rest are now the only team with a 100% record, which keeps them atop division 2. Fray Bentos and JAN continue to lead their respective conferences in div 3.
Results, full score sheets, tables, quizzes plus round-ups: Div 1 - Div 2 - Div 3.

QLL's eighth annual Open Buzzer Quiz Tournament took place on Saturday 14 September, once again at The Urswick School. As expected, it was a fantastic day's quizzing. In a repeat of last year, Broken Hearts retained the Cup with a fine victory over Nomads. Elsewhere, Bloc Trebekois won the Plate and JAN won the Spoon.
Top-level results and round-up are available here - full score sheets to follow.

The Finals Night of the Summer Friendly Cup took plate at The Bolton pub / sauna on 27th August. Lead Balloon and Weakest Zinc won their respective semi finals fairly convincingly, and Lead Balloon took the spoils in a very tense and closely-fought final. Huge congratulations to Iain Thoms and his excellent team.

New teams / individuals are always welcome to join the Quiz League of London. No experience necessary!

Although the 2019-20 season is in full swing, we'd still love to hear from you! If you're interested, please go here.

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1Fit For Purpose?440019417519117
2Gray Monks43012001919315
3Broken Hearts42022061979614
6Ceefax the Hoop4202188201-13311
1Hornets' Rest440019717126319
3Mealy Bugs43011841768214
5Thread Vietnam4202181187-6412
6Cap and Tun420218416915210
9Sons Arising4013166182-1602
1Fray Bentos440019116130117
2Grinling Gibbons430116715017113
3Gnus on a Raft421116715512111
4Park Exiles4202165158719
1Victoria Phoenix440017915128117
2Banana Splits430118515926113
5Milton's Stapler42021701521808
6Royal Sunset4103162160204
8Bishop's Fist4004117185-6800
1Dead Parrots220078512708
2Outer Limits110034221204
3Barbara Windsor20024073-3300
4Inner Depths10013339-600