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The QLL Annual Charity Quiz Night will take place at 19:15 on Tuesday 10th March at the The Counting House. The evening will once again be hosted by Paul Sinha, and will feature the usual table quiz written by Paul and Oliver Levy. Registration opens at 9am on Monday 10th February. N.B. space is strictly limited so, if you're intending to enter, please don't delay! More details of the evening, are available here.

Cambridge are top of div 1 for the first time this season following a close defeat of London. Sussex drop to second after losing to Piccadilly, who climb to fifth. In div 2, Inner Depths beat Barbara Windsor and Outer Limits beat beat Dead Parrots by a single point, though Parrots stay top of the table.
Results, full score sheets, tables, quizzes plus round-ups: Div 1 - Div 2.

FFP? stay top of division 1 after a victory over Ceefax, with Broken Hearts narrowing the gap to two points. In division 2, Hornets' Rest move further ahead, now five points clear of Amoebas in second. No movement at all in division 3, with Fray Bentos still on top in Bamber, and Victoria Phoenix leading the way in Magnus.
Results, full score sheets, tables, quizzes plus round-ups: Div 1 - Div 2 - Div 3.

The 2020 London Open Quiz Festival will take place at The Counting House on Sat 20 June. It will feature QLL's unique individual rally quiz, picture quiz, pairs quiz and team quizzes plus the Don Bissett Trophy, a knockout competition where teams from 7 other quiz leagues up and down the country will compete against QLL's President's Cup winners. Further details, including registration, in due course.

QLL's eighth annual Open Buzzer Quiz Tournament took place on Saturday 14 September, once again at The Urswick School. As expected, it was a fantastic day's quizzing. In a repeat of last year, Broken Hearts retained the Cup with a fine victory over Nomads. Elsewhere, Bloc Trebekois won the Plate and JAN won the Spoon.
Results, score sheets, tables, stats and round-up here.

The Finals Night of the Summer Friendly Cup took place at The Bolton pub / sauna on 27th August. Lead Balloon and Weakest Zinc won their respective semi finals fairly convincingly, and Lead Balloon took the spoils in a very tense and closely-fought final. Huge congratulations to Iain Thoms and his excellent team.
Quizzes here, detailed results plus round-up: here.

New teams / individuals are always welcome to join the Quiz League of London. No experience necessary!

Although the 2019-20 season is in full swing, we'd still love to hear from you! If you're interested, please go here.

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1Fit For Purpose?12100259755443747
2Broken Hearts12804619579401345
4Gray Monks1280458557411638
7Ceefax the Hoop12507559580-21727
1Hornets' Rest1290357651165945
3Mealy Bugs127235375298335
4Cap & Tun1270555751443634
5Thread Vietnam12606549558-91034
7Sons Arising12417498537-39422
1Fray Bentos121101563450113347
2Grinling Gibbons1290351347043541
3Park Exiles12615487490-3329
4Gnus on a Raft1261549646135228
1Victoria Phoenix121101572443129347
2Banana Splits1291254446579240
5Milton's Stapler1261550447133329
7Royal Sunset12219449493-44212
8Bishop's Fist120111349547-19802
1Dead Parrots631222418638216
2Outer Limits431014512124014
3Inner Depths4202135146-1108
4Barbara Windsor6105157208-5115