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New Players Night New Players Night
On Tue 16 May, we will be hosting a New Players Night at the Hoop & Grapes in Farringdon at 8pm. Come and try your hand at our style of team quizzing. It's a great way to learn more about the QLL prior to our Summer Friendly League which runs on Tuesday nights from June to September. If you have any questions, please contact Ann Gavaghan. If you're interested in joining the league, please go here.

Finals Night took place at The Counting House on 25 April, bringing the main
2016-17 season to a close.
Jack Bennett won BoL2 and Kevin Ashman won BoL1. Quizzes here.
Mealy Bugs won the Plate and JAN won the Cup. Quizzes here.
A full report, including score sheets and pictures, is available here.

QLL's sixth annual Open Buzzer Quiz Tournament will take place on Sat 23 Sep at
St Mary's University near Twickenham. Full details here. There will be space for 30 teams of 4 or 5 players. Entry will be on a first-come first-served basis (subject to subsequent payment of the entry fee and provision of question packets), and will go live at 9am on Tue 2 May. It promises to be another fantastic day, so don't miss out!

The 2017 London Open Quiz Festival will take place at The Counting House on Sat 17 June. It will feature QLL's unique individual rally quiz, picture quiz, pairs quiz and team quizzes plus the Don Bissett Trophy, a knockout competition where teams from 7 other quiz leagues up and down the country will compete against QLL's President's Cup winners. Full details, including registration, here plus guidance notes here.

Registration is now open for this year's Summer Friendly League. Due to increasing numbers of participants, it has been necessary to extend the size of the league again, this time to 18 teams split into two conferences of nine. More details, including registration, here. As always, we'd be pleased to welcome new players and, particularly, team captains.

New teams / individuals are always welcome to join the Quiz League of London. No experience necessary! Although the 2016-17 season is now over, the 2017 Summer Friendly League begins shortly and is a great way to learn our brand of team quizzing in a (slightly!) less competitive environment than the regular league, which resumes in late September. If you're interested in joining in, please go here.

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CGray Monks1816119818471341581
2Broken Hearts181206931878531462
7Mealy Bugs185211852899-471236
CFit For Purpose?1816029347222121074
3Ceefax the Hoop18945852769831256
4Grinling Gibbons1811077797745549
6Sons Arising187110746827-81232
7In the Lion of Fire186111775833-58531
8Banana Splits185112741806-65830
RSons o' Dessert185112735783-48426
PThread Vietnam18120678769988654
3Park Exiles1810177137121345
4Sir C. Campbell18100879470490545
5Fray Bentos18101776473628244
6Royal Sunset18639702765-63636
9Gnus on a Raft184212670752-82323
CMoldova Beethoven22190314631279184783
2MDQ San Marino2215071369131059868
3Spanish Inquizition221201013411321201159
4Vulgar Bulgars22130913251339-14658
5Aladdin Spain221011113371284531355
6East of Sweden2211110133313312854
7Think It's Moldova22911213221356-341654
8Greeks Bearing Fists22911212731297-241452
9Artist Azerbaijan221011113651382-17648
10I N Liechtenstein22811312591340-81640
11Greece is the Word22511613371407-701739
12French Letters22711413041382-78838