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Update on the 2020-21 Winter League Season

The Committee has held a discussion on the QLL's Winter season 2020-21. We have decided that we will be going ahead with a competition that will be as much like a normal winter league as possible. However in recognition of the very unusual circumstances the committee is of the view that whilst prizes will be awarded for any such season, promotion and relegation will not take place, and nor would any teams or players who would not be expected to become 'normal' QLL players be invited to play.

The Committee has appointed a sub-committee made up of three committee members (Bob Bunting, Andrew Frazer and Ann Gavaghan) and three non-committee members drawn from across the league. This sub-committee will consider the various options and will report by to the full committee by mid-September at the latest. The sub-committee will be contacting each team to canvas views of the league's membership so it is worth starting to have those discussions with your teams.

The Committee will consider two main options, a Winter League that could take place in pubs with social distancing measures in place. This option will have a backup plan should that become impossible to continue during the course of the season. The second option would be a wholly online league.

Please look out for imminent contact from the sub-committee and assist them in their task by providing the information they request in a timely manner.

Mark Cooper
QLL Chair
3rd August 2020

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