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Summer Friendly League 2020

The following amendments to the Match Rules apply to the Summer Friendly League:
  • Players who play for other teams lose their starting handicap for that match.
  • Players having played 12 matches for any team have their handicap reduced by 5 thereafter.

DateVenue (e-reader)TimeHome teamScoreAway team
23 JunZoom BR 120:00QuizSideOfParadise69* - 627 Pillars of Quizdom
20:30South Sea Bumble60 - 61QuizSideOfParadise
21:007 Pillars of Quizdom63 - 57*South Sea Bumble
Zoom BR 220:00Generation of 20(7)70 - 60*Black Tuesday
20:30Black Tuesday61 - 68Generalist Strike
21:00Generalist Strike67* - 59Generation of 20(7)
Zoom BR 320:00Speakeasy Quizhard67 - 64*2020 Visionaries
20:30Algonquiz Roundtable58 - 69*Speakeasy Quizhard
21:002020 Visionaries66 - 62Algonquiz Roundtable
Zoom BR 420:00Twenty's Plenty76 - 73*QLLysses
20:30QLLysses54 - 63Quizleague of Cognac
21:00Quizleague of Cognac63 - 55Twenty's Plenty
Zoom BR 520:00Yeezy202060 - 68F Scott Fistsgerald
20:30F Scott Fistsgerald57 - 57Bright Young Things
21:00Bright Young Things58 - 64Yeezy2020
Zoom BR 620:00Richard vingt't Riet73 - 64*Full Bauhaus
20:30Full Bauhaus62 - 62Prohibitches
21:00Prohibitches56 - 75Richard vingt't Riet
30 JunZoom BR 120:00Quizleague of Cognac67 - 69*Yeezy2020
20:30Yeezy202063* - 61Richard vingt't Riet
21:00Richard vingt't Riet63 - 65Quizleague of Cognac
Zoom BR 220:00Full Bauhaus67* - 78*Twenty's Plenty
20:30F Scott Fistsgerald66 - 66*Full Bauhaus
21:00Twenty's Plenty63 - 70F Scott Fistsgerald
Zoom BR 320:00Bright Young Things70 - 66Prohibitches
20:30Prohibitches66 - 60QLLysses
21:00QLLysses67* - 64Bright Young Things
Zoom BR 420:007 Pillars of Quizdom63* - 73*Generalist Strike
20:30Generalist Strike71* - 632020 Visionaries
21:002020 Visionaries64* - 647 Pillars of Quizdom
Zoom BR 520:00Speakeasy Quizhard64* - 73*QuizSideOfParadise
20:30QuizSideOfParadise63 - 82*Black Tuesday
21:00Black Tuesday64 - 67Speakeasy Quizhard
Zoom BR 620:00Algonquiz Roundtable77* - 55South Sea Bumble
20:30South Sea Bumble65* - 59Generation of 20(7)
21:00Generation of 20(7)60 - 65Algonquiz Roundtable
07 JulZoom BR 120:007 Pillars of Quizdom67 - 72*Speakeasy Quizhard
20:30Speakeasy Quizhard70 - 62Generation of 20(7)
21:00Generation of 20(7)59* - 67*7 Pillars of Quizdom
Zoom BR 220:002020 Visionaries63* - 76*Black Tuesday
20:30Black Tuesday69* - 63*South Sea Bumble
21:00South Sea Bumble68 - 652020 Visionaries
Zoom BR 320:00Generalist Strike75* - 67*QuizSideOfParadise
20:30QuizSideOfParadise63* - 63*Algonquiz Roundtable
21:00Algonquiz Roundtable70* - 66Generalist Strike
Zoom BR 420:00F Scott Fistsgerald63* - 73*Quizleague of Cognac
20:30Quizleague of Cognac67 - 60Prohibitches
21:00Prohibitches69 - 61F Scott Fistsgerald
Zoom BR 520:00Yeezy202071* - 68QLLysses
20:30QLLysses62 - 65*Full Bauhaus
21:00Full Bauhaus74 - 63Yeezy2020
Zoom BR 620:00Richard vingt't Riet78* - 64Bright Young Things
20:30Bright Young Things61* - 71Twenty's Plenty
21:00Twenty's Plenty65 - 66Richard vingt't Riet
14 JulZoom BR 120:00Full Bauhaus71 - 63Quizleague of Cognac
20:30Quizleague of Cognac68 - 62Bright Young Things
21:00Bright Young Things62* - 58*Full Bauhaus
Zoom BR 220:00Prohibitches57 - 63Yeezy2020
20:30Twenty's Plenty77* - 62Prohibitches
21:00Yeezy202059 - 61*Twenty's Plenty
Zoom BR 320:00F Scott Fistsgerald57 - 62Richard vingt't Riet
20:30Richard vingt't Riet66 - 59QLLysses
21:00QLLysses68* - 54F Scott Fistsgerald
Zoom BR 420:00Generalist Strike65 - 52South Sea Bumble
20:30South Sea Bumble66* - 57Speakeasy Quizhard
21:00Speakeasy Quizhard67 - 66Generalist Strike
Zoom BR 520:00Algonquiz Roundtable62 - 627 Pillars of Quizdom
20:307 Pillars of Quizdom63* - 65Black Tuesday
21:00Black Tuesday69 - 68*Algonquiz Roundtable
Zoom BR 620:00QuizSideOfParadise67* - 55Generation of 20(7)
20:30Generation of 20(7)63 - 562020 Visionaries
21:002020 Visionaries58 - 66QuizSideOfParadise
21 JulZoom BR 120:00Speakeasy Quizhard71* - 75Algonquiz Roundtable
20:30Algonquiz Roundtable62 - 632020 Visionaries
21:002020 Visionaries62 - 76*Speakeasy Quizhard
Zoom BR 220:00Black Tuesday67 - 65Generation of 20(7)
20:30Generation of 20(7)69 - 54Generalist Strike
21:00Generalist Strike54 - 77*Black Tuesday
Zoom BR 320:00South Sea Bumble62 - 66*7 Pillars of Quizdom
20:307 Pillars of Quizdom52 - 64*QuizSideOfParadise
21:00QuizSideOfParadise66* - 63South Sea Bumble
Zoom BR 420:00QLLysses65* - 71*Twenty's Plenty
20:30Twenty's Plenty64 - 62Quizleague of Cognac
21:00Quizleague of Cognac72* - 61QLLysses
Zoom BR 520:00Prohibitches69 - 61Full Bauhaus
20:30Full Bauhaus76* - 58Richard vingt't Riet
21:00Richard vingt't Riet58 - 69Prohibitches
Zoom BR 620:00F Scott Fistsgerald70* - 66Yeezy2020
20:30Yeezy202061* - 65Bright Young Things
21:00Bright Young Things61 - 62F Scott Fistsgerald
28 JulZoom BR 120:00Prohibitches57 - 65Bright Young Things
20:30Bright Young Things59* - 66*QLLysses
21:00QLLysses60 - 61Prohibitches
Zoom BR 220:00Quizleague of Cognac67* - 61*Richard vingt't Riet
20:30Richard vingt't Riet63 - 64Yeezy2020
21:00Yeezy202068* - 60Quizleague of Cognac
Zoom BR 320:00Full Bauhaus62 - 62F Scott Fistsgerald
20:30F Scott Fistsgerald67* - 66Twenty's Plenty
21:00Twenty's Plenty64* - 67*Full Bauhaus
Zoom BR 420:00Speakeasy Quizhard67 - 67Black Tuesday
20:30Black Tuesday66 - 68*QuizSideOfParadise
21:00QuizSideOfParadise63* - 70Speakeasy Quizhard
Zoom BR 520:00Algonquiz Roundtable63 - 59Generation of 20(7)
20:30Generation of 20(7)59 - 67*South Sea Bumble
21:00South Sea Bumble63* - 65Algonquiz Roundtable
Zoom BR 620:002020 Visionaries63 - 72*Generalist Strike
20:30Generalist Strike68 - 607 Pillars of Quizdom
21:007 Pillars of Quizdom68 - 522020 Visionaries
04 AugZoom BR 120:002020 Visionaries56 - 67*South Sea Bumble
20:30Black Tuesday72* - 602020 Visionaries
21:00South Sea Bumble53 - 62Black Tuesday
Zoom BR 220:00Generalist Strike65 - 61Algonquiz Roundtable
20:30Algonquiz Roundtable69 - 60QuizSideOfParadise
21:00QuizSideOfParadise58 - 59Generalist Strike
Zoom BR 320:00Generation of 20(7)59 - 63*Speakeasy Quizhard
20:30Speakeasy Quizhard67 - 637 Pillars of Quizdom
21:007 Pillars of Quizdom61 - 58Generation of 20(7)
Zoom BR 420:00Twenty's Plenty70 - 59*Bright Young Things
20:30Bright Young Things62 - 61*Richard vingt't Riet
21:00Richard vingt't Riet64 - 62Twenty's Plenty
Zoom BR 520:00Quizleague of Cognac61 - 67F Scott Fistsgerald
20:30F Scott Fistsgerald69 - 61Prohibitches
21:00Prohibitches60 - 64*Quizleague of Cognac
Zoom BR 620:00Full Bauhaus60 - 58QLLysses
20:30QLLysses62 - 68Yeezy2020
21:00Yeezy202063* - 69*Full Bauhaus
11 AugZoom BR 120:00Bright Young Things Quizleague of Cognac
20:30Quizleague of Cognac Full Bauhaus
21:00Full Bauhaus Bright Young Things
Zoom BR 220:00QLLysses Richard vingt't Riet
20:30Richard vingt't Riet F Scott Fistsgerald
21:00F Scott Fistsgerald QLLysses
Zoom BR 320:00Prohibitches Twenty's Plenty
20:30Twenty's Plenty Yeezy2020
21:00Yeezy2020 Prohibitches
Zoom BR 420:00South Sea Bumble Generalist Strike
20:30Generalist Strike Speakeasy Quizhard
21:00Speakeasy Quizhard South Sea Bumble
Zoom BR 520:00Black Tuesday 7 Pillars of Quizdom
20:307 Pillars of Quizdom Algonquiz Roundtable
21:00Algonquiz Roundtable Black Tuesday
Zoom BR 620:00QuizSideOfParadise 2020 Visionaries
20:302020 Visionaries Generation of 20(7)
21:00Generation of 20(7) QuizSideOfParadise
18 AugZoom Breakout Room 120:00TBC TBC
20:30TBC TBC
21:00TBC TBC
Zoom Breakout Room 220:00TBC TBC
20:30TBC TBC
21:00TBC TBC
Zoom Breakout Room 320:00TBC TBC
20:30TBC TBC
21:00TBC TBC
Zoom Breakout Room 420:00TBC TBC
20:30TBC TBC
21:00TBC TBC
Zoom Breakout Room 520:00TBC TBC
20:30TBC TBC
21:00TBC TBC
25 AugZoom20:00TBC TBC
20:30TBC TBC
21:00TBC TBC

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